The Communication Game

Developed with NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and designed to help frontline staff improve their communication skills. An engaging approach to learning, which helps staff understand how to provide an inclusive, person-centred service that effectively supports people with diverse communication support needs.

The Food, Mood & Health Game

Developed with NHS Highland and The Highland Council to help young people understand how their diet, activity levels and the influence of the media can affect their physical and mental wellbeing. A fun, team game which helps young people build the skills to make healthy choices and establish lifelong healthy habits.

Drug Round Game

Developed with City University London and Health Education England, a collaborative and engaging board game which helps healthcare professionals to understand the risks associated with drug administration. An innovative way of learning, which helps staff to understand, recognise and minimise medication errors and improve patient safety.

Foodtalk Game

Developed with Paediatric Dietitians to improve health and wellbeing in children aged 1-5. A discussion based game to help people working in Early Years and the families of young children to understand nutrition, physical activity and health related topics relevant to young children.

The Sepsis Game

Developed with the UK Sepsis Trust and NHS England to support their educational programmes to improve knowledge and management of sepsis. The game is based on the Sepsis Six care bundle and supports the Survive Sepsis training programme.

Stroke Game

Developed with Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland and NHS Lanarkshire to help frontline healthcare staff to better understand the stroke care pathway and patient journey. An effective way of exploring how patients are managed at the four key stages of the stroke journey.

Stop The Pressure

Developed for NHS England. An enjoyable board game for frontline clinical staff. The game is an exciting and effective way for staff to learn about the prevention of pressure ulcers.

The Nutrition Game

Developed for NHS England. An award-winning board game and game app designed to help frontline healthcare staff reduce the incidence of malnutrition and dehydration. The game is fun but the issues are very serious.

Harm Free Game

Developed with NHS Innovations and Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust. Helps frontline staff understand their role and responsibilities in reducing patient harm. The game makes serious issues more engaging allowing staff to absorb the information needed to reduce the risk of patient harm.

The Dysphagia Game

A board game and online app designed in partnership with NHS specialists for frontline clinical staff and support workers. An unusual and effective way for staff to learn about the impact and management of Dysphagia.

Cystic Fibrosis Game

A board game and game app developed with NHS Innovations and Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust to help young CF patients and their families improve their understanding of the condition and how to manage it.

Infection Control

Developed with NHS Innovations and Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust. Helps frontline staff to develop a practical understanding of the principles and practices of good infection prevention and control.

Hospital Life

Developed for NHS Scotland to help staff understand how a hospital works by recreating the complexities and dynamics of patient flow and capacity management in a board game. Helps players to understand how better planning, communication and collaboration can improve the way that they work.

Masterful Mentoring

Developed with Bournemouth University and built around the NMC Standards to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice (NMC 2008). The game explores all aspects of mentorship and encourages communication, interaction, teamwork and reflective practice.

The Enterprise Game

Developed with Halton Borough Council and designed to help school students understand how business works in a simple and powerful way. It allows pupils to develop a strategy, assess risks, work in a team, make decisions and manage cash flow.


Foodeeze is an educational card game delivering the knowledge that young children need to make healthier decisions about the food they eat. The excitement and fun of the game reinforces learning making behavioural changes more likely.

Pitch to Boardroom

Based on the best selling business book from Pitch to Boardroom. The game is used in intensive training workshops designed to improve the ability of participants to select and manage teams. The game allows participants put their learning into action. .