We design 'serious' games for learning and engagement.

We develop ‘serious’ games that engage staff and customers to change their thinking and behaviour. We make board games, online games and game apps that are fun, innovative, serious and effective.

Our games are built around your issues, objectives and messages so they tell a uniquely relevant and effective story. They’re easy to play but deliver a sophisticated learning experience. Games encourage interaction, engagement, teamwork and fun. They’re designed to catalyse changes in thinking and behaviour to improve collaboration and performance.

Our games simplify issues into a series of meaningful discussions and decisions that immerse players in a motivational process of learning through experience. Our games can deliver measurable changes in behaviour and performance.

The games appear simple but in fact deliver a complex learning experience to the players. Players discuss, share and reflect on their own personal experiences in a safe and supportive environment, while engaging with key information and messages. And games are fun – so participants learn effortlessly and effectively.

Our games deliver targeted, practical information to groups of between 4 and 12 people in shorter standalone sessions or as part of workshop programmes. The games can be entirely self-supporting and don’t need specialist facilitation.

In essence the games are portable learning environments that facilitate active reflective learning and lots of fun and enthusiasm.