We can design your game from scratch or we can help improve and build on existing designs, whatever stage your game is at we have the design option for you.


Its important that a game works and plays well, we can take an idea and turn it into a fully functional game or we can help re engineer existing games to make them more effective.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our games. Our games can be made from a standard range of sizes and playing pieces or they can be fully customized to suit your needs.

Promote & Sell

If you want to get your games out there we can help with marketing and promotion as well as sales and distribution. We provide a platform, helping you to sell your games.

We design 'serious' games for learning and engagement in healthcare.

We have 10 years practical experience of creating games and applying gamification techniques.

Playing games reinforces learning. Numerous researchers and corporate trainers have proved that games are one of the most powerful and successful ways to reinforce learning in adults.

"The idea of embedding academic learning in an entertaining format is centuries old, because it works," noted Eric Jensen in his book The Learning Brain (Turning Point Publishing, 1995). "Creative presentations afford the opportunity for students to reach social, artistic and emotional goals. But more importantly, in these contexts learning becomes more enjoyable. Learners exercise choice and creativity, and there is a minimum amount of negative pressure."

In a work environment adults enjoy games because they can relax, let their hair down and have some fun. The game format reduces inhibitions and increase enthusiasm and these are the perfect ingredients for a constructive, creative and memorable event. Participants remember information that is tied to these strong emotions.

We use games every day and we see the powerful effect of games in a wide range of learning environments both formal and informal. Participants become excited, they compete, they have fun and as a result they remember more information from the session.

Well designed games encourage active discussions about complex and sensitive issues and are equally effective for communicating simple facts and more complex concepts around organisational structures and collaboration.